For the hotel
We create elegant and comfortable spaces for hotels that combine luxurious details with impeccable hospitality.


Creating a welcoming atmosphere with elegance and professional style. Personalised touches, an aesthetically pleasing reception desk and technological solutions for efficient check-in are essential. Also pay attention to details like premium furniture, dazzling lighting and plants for a lively touch.

Hotel rooms

When designing a hotel room, it is crucial to ensure the comfort of the guests. We offer furniture that combines style and comfort, with an emphasis on colour schemes that create a welcoming environment. We integrate practical solutions for storage space and complete them with plants or decorative elements. We focus on the quality of materials and details that add a sense of luxury and uniqueness to the space.


When designing a guest dining room, we focus on furniture, pleasant lighting, acoustics and visual aesthetics. Provide personalized service, selecting quality materials and fabrics for tables and chairs. Flexible space layouts and the ability to dine in outdoor locations such as gardens or patios add value and unique charm to the dining room.

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